Dark side of “Green Revolution”

Government of India – 1963.

I think the years 1962 was the BIGGEST FAILURE of the Government of India, first and worst was Sino-India war, when Nehruvian policies were at its peak. Ordnance factories were closed, they were making sewing machines, and defense budget was halved. As a result, we had to undergo the Sino-India war and lost miserably. As a result India lost 3225 kms of Land to China.

And still Government of India, didn’t learn a lesson. 1963 they did it again. The year they planned yet another disaster equally as bad as, Sino-India war, – beautifully named as – “The green revolution”. This was a scheme deployed, either with sheer sabotage plan for the agrarian economy of India, or with utter short-sightedness of Government of India to ruin the age-old traditional organic farming methodology of Indian farmers.

India – an agrarian economy was pushed into chemical based farming. Naphtha based Fertilizers, Urea, other strong Chemicals, and later pesticides etc. were pushed to Indian soil. There were Agricultural universities, Krishi Vigyan Kendra, TV media – showing Krishi Darshan, print media, huge organizations like RCF, NFL, IFFCO, KRIBHCO, PPCL and many such huge enterprises built with public money to ruin the entire system of organic farming. Government, which is considered by the citizen to be a well-wisher, which is expected to protect the country, which is expected to build the nation, actually did a treacherous deed of ruining not just the present crop, but mixed poison in soil for future generations too. And unfortunately is still continuing the same.

It was an attempt to challenge the nature, it was a deed to abolish the eco-system and sabotage the ecological balance. And our farmer were pushed into it, and the whole campaign was sponsored by law keeper or the law maker itself – The Government of India.

Traditional Organic farming of India, was least on investment, completely nourishing, organic, generating healthy crops, full of nutrients, free from chemicals, pure and salubrious for humans, soil and cattle. In 1960s a wasteful idea was imported from American agronomist Dr. Norman Borlaug, under disguise of the so called “Green Revolution” to increase the yield by multiple times. And this converted agriculture into a costly affair, industrialized production and hard labor was replaced by high investment. Needless to say, how many Indian farmers commit suicide every year for the lack of income and huge loans on them?, that’s a regular headline from the news-papers.

Now let’s get on to the facts – from 1970, till 2010 – the only increase in agricultural yield is 4%-7%, on per acre of cultivated land basis. Contribution to GDP from Agriculture has declined from 43 % in 70s to mere 13~16% today. And that is in spite of the increase in the cultivable land and better irrigation facility.

On the other hand if we look at the flipside – the harms that this new process has caused to the nation and the world are; soil desolation, weak crop, lowering of underground water level, weaker soil, limper crop, soil erosion, harmful chemicals in the ecosystem, harmful chemicals in food chain, anti-absorption of rainwater, wastage of rainwater in rivers, causing rivers to flood more often, harmful greenhouse gas emissions, climate change and it has even a contribution in global warming……phew.

A report published by tribune on 4th March, 2015 was alarming enough for every sane and sensible citizen of India, which said “State’s contaminated food chain a worry : Soil toxicity alarmingly high; ….……………urea consumption estimated at 400-600 kg per hectare …………………..alarming rise in illnesses like cancer and chronic disorders affecting the nervous, immune, cardiac and respiratory systems. Hypertension and diabetes is becoming increasingly common, even among the young. Most chemicals being used are bio-accumable. This means these get concentrated in bodies of humans and animals over the years, causing severe damage……………..The entire food chain is contaminated and we are facing an invisible socio-economic crisis.”

Another corollary was, lower livestock. Bulls were replaced by tractors, Indian cows replaced with buffalos & jersey cows. Cows were injected for a higher yield of milk, as a result their meat became toxic and resulted in extinction of vultures from urban India. Vultures, interestingly were having a key role in maintenance of the ecosystem and are often referred to as – guardians of the ecosystem. They had both biological and cultural significance, but that’s another topic.

Coming back to our cattle & livestock, the non-lactating cows were then sold to slaughter houses. Men in farms went lethargic due to change in the ploughing format. Instead of 10 days to plough the field, the soil was crushed much faster now with mechanical means. Less men were required for ploughing the field, so more number of unemployed were created. But these mechanical means adversely effected the yield as well, thus more field was required, resulting into more deforestation. Off course the cattle were now fed on grains for human consumption, as the grass land and the jungles were converted into agri land, which again in turn effected the quality of milk & milk products being available to people.

Just imagine ……. One wrong step and a complete generation is suffering.

No system, process or developmental plan can be made without understanding the present and existing system. That was what went wrong in the whole process. A civilization is built with the process of natural progression, not in spite of the environment. Understand the culture and then plan development.

Now the obvious question is – what’s the way out?

And the evident answer is – go back to the roots.

The development or should I say the pseudo-development or the quasi- growth happened in spite of the ecosystem. Against the nature, by cosmetic means, through mechanical & chemical processes, we have done enough harm to our ecosystem, the soil, the cattle & livestock, the food chain and the whole existence of the human race and this planet. The only way out to undo this – is to go back to roots.

And as we’ve built a habit of following west in every walk of life, here’s what west has to say about it – did you know that maximum farming being done in Switzerland is done organically with cow dung manure? There’s a details talk by Thomas Rippel on TED, wherein he talks of farming with cow dung manure and the title of the video is “The bullshit might save the world”. His research is funded by WWF and recognized by various organizations across US, Europe & Australia.

That’s not just for survival, that’s for economic reasons too. Organic yield sell much more costly than the infected toxins that we eat today. Today, we also have better ways and method to use manure. So the cattle, not just give us milk and plough our field, but also give us a rich manure, necessary for the soil.

Our PM has started a new service to the farmer called “soil health card”, I say, why not undo the harm? Why not go organic? Why not use the cow dung manure and get greener grass, better livestock, better cattle, better food grain, healthier people, restored planet?

It’s a part of every scheme that the government has launched. This is a part of financial inclusion – the farmers would grow crops with zero investment. It’s a part of Soil health card – soil gets healthier. Its eco-friendly, reduces carbon footprint, diminishes global warming, and lessens deforestation. It’s a part of Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan, Jai Vigyan.

But Then started a new conspiracy called “Organic”

Do you realise what farce is being marketed in the country under the so called “Organic” banner? There’s a human intervention at every stage of crop development like chemical based farming, only thing is that the chemical intervention is being replaced by a yet another biological intervention. for example the seed curation in chemical farming is done in therum or carbondazim, and in case of “Organic” it is done by rhizobium or azobactor. for every chemical pesticide, there is a corresponding biological pesticide. insecticides, weedicides, hormones – every thing has a biological replacement. And That’s again a half cooked knowledge. Introducing a bacteria everywhere doesn’t solve the problem. they have to understand the concept of invasive species – whenever a life form is introduced in to a new agro-climatic zone, where it doesn’t naturally belong to, it undergoes a genetic mutation in order to survive. It pushes other species to create a space for itself and in the process you can’t even imagine, what would be the aftermath.

it took us 50 long years to know the harm of chemicals on farming, for the very fact that the chemical residue was detectable through tests. for segregating biological unicellular strands and understanding its effect on human body after consumption, you never know how long will it take?

The Basic Question is – do we need to teach nature on how to grow plants and animals? they have been there even before human beings arrived on earth, then why is a consistent intermingling with nature required? Isn’t mother nature self sufficient in growing them?

All we need to do it to learn the art of farming and developing in harmony with nature.

And this isn’t something impossible – we’ve done it with our INTEGRAL FARMING. The very Indian technology and methodology. Mother nature is self-healing and self-sustainable, and you would experience miracles, provided you are ready for it. Unlike “organic” wherein your yield would drop for next 4-5 years, to just 40% of your chemical based yield, In integral farming your yield doesn’t drop by even 1% on Day-1 and year-on-year with detoxification of your soil, your production will continue to increase. We just make the Soil & Water Alive and help Mother Nature do the rest.

Just let the Mother Nature perform.

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