The Chilling Case Study – Chilli in Integral Farming!!

The Chilling Case Study – Chilli in Integral Farming!!

This is how it all began.

We were doing an extensive research on integral farming for almost half a decade, and had done the lab test, nursery test and tested it successfully on potted plants. We were struck to take it to real field testing, but as the farmers were always afraid of trying something new, we were unable to get it to farms. Farmers in India have many expectations from Government, like – is government approving this new method? Why isn’t govt. giving any subsidy? Why are agri-scientist not talking of this methodology? And so on.

But this January, we got a unique opportunity, in one of the farms wherein we were doing the fishery, they were doing vegetable farming too. In 80 acres, they had planted Chillies in 5 acres. The Chilli crop is for 160-180 days, and the committed yield from the seed company was 12-15 tonnes. Normally, 40-50% of the flowers fall own without turning into fruits, thus the yield is usually low. The farm owner had already taken around 18-20 tonnes from the crop and they were on the verge of uprooting the crop. The opportunity came, when there was a sudden surge in the chilli prices in the market. From ₹ 5-10 /- Kg, it went as high as ₹ 50/- Kg, now the new crop wouldn’t yield so fast and the old crop was already going to get uprooted, so it was a lucrative opportunity, but there wasn’t any way out. It was then that the farm owner contacted us, asking if we could do something in this situation.

We simply did the SWOT Evaluation of the whole situation and told them to try out “INTEGRAL FARMING” methodology, as they had nothing to lose. They had taken the yield completely ad were on the verge of uprooting the plant anyway.

1-     So even if the usual scepticism stands true, they won’t lose a single penny, but if our system works (which had already been proven successful in lab, nursery and potted plants), they would be benefited heavily.

2-     Moreover, except for us they anyway didn’t have any choice, as the crop had given more than the expected yield. And planting new sapling wouldn’t start fruiting before 60-70 days.

3-     Thirdly, we were not charging anything for doing it, so it was practically free for them.

4-     To sum it up, it was all gain, no pain situation for them.

Thus finally they agreed to try out our new methodology without creating any fuss.

The pale yellowish green colour of the leaves started going greener by the end of the first day itself. The second morning proved to be more strengthening for the plants. The lustre of the revived plants was back. Leaves and branches were much greener now and had that little shine on them. The plants were now facing the sun with a lot more strength and vigour, as if the heat of the scorching sun of central India wasn’t bothering them at all.

In a matter of 2 days, the flowering stared again. Flowers bloomed in the field like never before. The colour of the field which was pale yellow two days back, turned into green a day before, was now white with millions of chilli flowers blooming all over the 5 acre field. It was an astonishing, astounding and flabbergasting experience to see this colour changing field and the natural landscaping. It was beyond expectations for them to see this miracle of nature.

And to add to it, the quality of flowering was much more impressive. The crisp white night jasmine kind of flower bloomed the field. The milky white five petal flower were facing the sun as if they were challenging the sunlight to compete in brightness. The flowers were much better and 99% of the flowers turned into fruiting.

And the fruiting started by the 15th day. 99% of the flowers converted into fruits. And the small fruits grew in to lush green, 6-10 inches long Chillies. Chillies were much longer, much greener and sold at a higher price. The crop got extended to 250 days and they got additional 40 tonnes of yield at ten times the cost.



At Vedic Cownomics Pvt. Ltd.,our mission is to go back to the roots. Make India, a country of abundance and prosperity. Bring back the self–reliance and self–sufficiency to the village economy and reinstate the system where rural was the producer and urban was the market place.

·        We take technology & the best practices from urban to rural and help the rural in producing more (yield and quality) to fulfil the demand of the urban, but all in harmony with the nature – the Indian way of development.

·        We are on a mission to restore the purity of water, air and soil, resulting in to a chemical free raw food industry of agriculture, dairy, fishery, poultry and livestock farming (goat farming, piggery, & sheep farming and so on). Thus eventually making the food chain, chemical free. We help people to go organic and eco-friendly.

·        We help the rural farmers to earn more, grow more and live a life of abundance without leaving the village.

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