Atrocious Modern Farms – Let’s be humans again!!

In the beginning it all started with curiosity and need or the survival instincts that God gave to every human being. Man wanted to understand nature in order to withstand, in order to survive, and in order to sustain. There were rains, floods, fire, water, earthquakes, lightening, thunder, night and day, summer, winter, heat & cold, deadly wild animals, poisonous, harmless beautiful creature, flowers bloomed, hurting thorns, tasty fruits and vegetables and so on. To survive in this amazing and miraculous world, man naturally wanted to understand it as a basic surviving instinct.

So there were two different schools of thoughts, one was the journey outside, which was later called science. That was the beginning of science – understanding the world through our five sensory organs. Slowly and steadily we started understanding quite a lot, but the mystery continued. The more we explored, the more we understood that there is a lot that is beyond. There was a huge “X” factor, which was yet to be explored. We divided the science into physics, chemistry, biology, zoology, botany, geology, geography, remote sensing, microbiology, quantum physics, nuclear chemistry, radiology, medicine, genetics, astrophysics, astrology, nanotechnology and so on. But in last 2500 years of development of science, everyone who reached the human apex always had the similar realisation that the more they explored the more they realised that the portion they knew was just a fraction of what was left unknownbe it Socrates or be it Einstein.

But as they say “half knowledge is dangerous”, so went true with science. We had many Dr. Frankenstein’s in the history of science, and there are many more existing today. Earlier there used to be failed experiments or science accidents, but now they are more deliberate. When finance and marketing guys, started playing with science for the sake of business, something very treacherous and grievous started to evolve. Now this is the monstrous side of human beings.

We spoilt the soil, we polluted the air, we contaminated the water, we snatched the basic rights of not just humans, but all living creatures on this earth, we deprived them of basic living standards, that was given free of cost by Mother nature to all living beings of free access to air, water and soil. But even that wasn’t enough for human greed. Human being today are the most evil creatures that God ever created. Many of humans literally believe that they are God. Don’t believe us? Take a closer look at the animal farm factories, you will not just believe us, but even start following us.

Welcome to the world of raw food industry or modern day farming – where humans are Devil personified.

1-     Fisheries – Did you know that 100% of the inland fisheries run on abortion? The prime cause behind is to convert life into a factory, we need fixed outputs at the desired timeline. So we do induced breeding by injecting hormones that are chemically manufactured in factories and abort the eggs and then hatch them in the hatcheries. (So the life here begins chemically) Convert them to spawn and sell to the fishermen to rear them, grow them to saleable size and sell them. The bigger fishes are sold fresh / frozen or processed. The wastage of processing is again converted into fish feed and put back into fish ponds, forcibly converting them to carnivorous. So they are grown on chemicals, antibiotics and hormones.

2-     Poultry – Except for a few cage free farms, the entire poultry industry is surviving on electronic hatching of the eggs. Because we can electronically hatch it better than the mother hens. Do you know why? It’s simply because the entire life of mother hen is spent in an area less than an A4 size paper, on a wire mesh, where it hurts, they can’t turn around, they can’t sit, their legs are bruised and feathers get plucked, they bleed all over. The antibiotics are given to a chick right from the age of 24 hours. They are again grown on chemical feed, antibiotics and growth hormones, and in 45 days flat, they are ready to be slaughtered to be sold and served as food. Even the excreta from the poultry isn’t left to the nature, that is put into fisheries as a feed for the fishes, and that’s how the same antibiotics enter the fishes.

3-     Dairy – just because the animal here is bigger and mightier than human beings, what is done here is somewhat different. It’s artificial insemination. Semen is collected from males forcefully and females are impregnated forcefully, because normal breeding is natural, so it is against humans, how can we let that happen? We need to tame the nature. This is needed because lactation doesn’t start without a child birth in any mammal, so we allow the birth as we need to milk the mother. And then the calf dies in lack of the milk feed, as they are denied even the colostrum to provide them with basic immunity to survive. So we keep injecting oxytocin to the mother to keep milking for as long as she is capable. And when she is incapable, she again is sent to the slaughter house, like the calf.

4-     Piggery / goatry / sheep farm / rabbit farm / the meat industry – the animal changes, but the practises remain the same. The need is to reduce the cycle for the produce to be ready to market, so we need extra hormones, extra antibiotics, and a lot of chemicals. Skin, bones, flesh, blood everything is used in different products, different industries. They don’t deserve a life, they are grown for a purpose and the purpose is money.


5-     Agriculture – here again we are God. We decide the destiny. So we did genetic engineering to make GMO seeds (Genetically Modified Organisms), then we added chemicals fertilizers to the plant, insecticides, pesticides, weedicides and so on. Now this deadly mix of chemicals are left as residue in soils, plants and seeds, which in turn are used in animals feed, inviting all the diseases to them and human feed served as food to vegan supper.

So is there a way out? Or we’ve gone to a point of no return? Are we destined to die a deadly diseased death for the greed of some sale / marketing / finance professionals?

Yes, there is a way out.

The way out is, the second school of thought of the journey inside. The journey beyond the five sensory organs. The journey that didn’t leave the “X” factor of the unknown or the mystery. The eastern exploration of understanding the Mother Nature, to live and grown in harmony with nature. Where nature is mother, and there is no need to wage a war, just to sit in the lap and live the life of abundance.

Simply understand that all life forms on earth absolutely need clean, fresh and natural food, water and air. If these three are ensured, there is no need to worry for any diseases, Mother Nature has given enough immunity to all the beings to co-exist, survive and thrive. The mantra is to just “let them be” or “live and let live”. If they eat their natural food, drink natural water and breathe natural air, rest everything will fall in place automatically. We can have much better quality and quantities both, in all the five raw food industries.


Let’s become human again!!

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