What is Cownomics?

Cownomics – The core philosophy of sustainability on earth for the human race.

It is very important to understand the core philosophy.

We were taught that India was agrarian economy, that’s false. Blasphemy. though it is true that India had 55% of GDP coming out of agri sector in 1950, but agriculture was not an economic activity, it was a regular daily chores for millions of Indians, that had multiple purposes – exercise for keeping the body healthy, it was a regular exercise for the bulls, it kept people busy and creative, it kept the rural environment alive, it created fodder for cattle and other livestock and so on so forth.

It got ruined for the commercialisation that the green revolution did, otherwise it was never a business. That is why farmer had a high status in the society for being the “Giver”, as we call in Hindi “अन्नदाता”. Farmer always gave to the society, therefore Shri Lal Bahadur Shashtri gave the slogan of “Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan” – as a mark of the due respect to selfless service from the two communities – the farmer and the soldier.

Bharat had a Cow based living society

India was a cow based economy and agriculture practice was nothing but the gym, to stay fit and grow food grains to eat. The rural house hold wasn’t dependent on agriculture, but cows. Cow gave the most balanced diet in form of milk. Cow gave calf, growing to bull, helping in daily chores like irrigation, wheat making by grinding, oil extraction, ploughing, and Bullock cart for travelling and transportation of goods.

Cow gave cow dung and urine used in agriculture, medicines, pesticides, sanitation etc.

And all was ecological, renewable, in complete harmony with nature and free of cost. in past 10,000 years, we never used any non-biodegradable  products like plastics though hydrocarbons were used as fuel but the extent was too low to pollute the air due to eco-friendly living practises. All water-bodies were religious places, thus the water pollution was kept under control.

Thus in modern terms we can say that – it was a cow based economy. That’s why, cow was holy. And that’s why Cownomics.

Re-establishing Cownomics

Cow will be worshipped again, only by establishing cow based economy, when Cow becomes a major contributor towards people’ wealth creation. And that’s what we are doing. Cow was worshipped due to its power of recreating ecology, therefore in the scripture Cow is also called “कामधेनु” – the one that full-fills all the worldly desires. Cow would create the ecology, through which man would generate money and with money you get your desires fulfilled and all this was done without harming the nature, the environment, rather it was done in complete harmony with nature.

The takeaway is – we don’t just need development, but we need sustainable development. If it keep going on with highs and lows like a sine wave, it’s not development. It’s a fluke. It’s a freak. And this was ensured by Cow. At Cownomics – we are just recreating the same.

Cownomics – is the way forward

Cow is the solution to global problems like climate change and global warming.

Think about it! How many square kilometres (Sq. Kms.) do we have all the cities? And how many Sq. Kms. do we have the, Agri land, in-land water bodies, urban green areas, waste land and townships / cantonments?

If concrete jungles are only contributors to global warming (with the roads, vehicular pollution, factories, no rain water harvesting plans, and so on), can’t the rest be able to reverse it, if they maintain the ecology? People forget that with chemicals in farms, the bigger contribution to the global warming and climate change are the villages and the farming lands, rather than the cities.

Yes, it is possible through Cownomics.

Integral Farming – the restoration of economics with ecology

We’ve developed a new way of farming inspired by our Vedic Indian Science. This is sustainable, economical and 100% natural. We call “INTEGRAL FARMING” – it consist of all the five varieties of raw food farming industry including, agri, fishery, poultry (duck, quails, chicken, pheasant etc.), dairy (desi breeds only) and livestock (sheep, goat, pig, rabbits, and so on).

What we do here is – just reinstate the natural ecology in the farm by making the SOIL & WATER ALIVE. We don’t grow plants or the fishes or the cows or the birds, but when nature is alive and kicking, all life forms flourish since they are in their natural habitat. It’s basically minimising the input cost, as in chemical or “so called” organic farming, human intervention is required at every step, from dye to fertiliser, to hormones to pesticides to insecticides, or antibiotics, steroids etc. for livestock farming. Our Basic Principle is – if Soil & Water are ALIVE (in their natural state) – there is no need for human intervention, nature knows how to grow plants and animals in the healthiest way.

And the sub domains include the entire raw food industry, including Agriculture, Fishery, Poultry, Duckery, Goatry, Dairy, Piggery, Horticulture, Bee Keeping … basically anything and everything that can be farmed.

And the difference here is – no fertiliser, no chemicals, no biological intervention, no insecticides, no pesticides, no hormones, no antibiotics, no steroids, no feed from outside farm, and no cages – Basically NO human intervention. 100% natural.

Aftermath to farmers

Reduced input cost (as you don’t need those expensive chemical / biological fertilisers, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics etc.). Multiple products, thus multiple markets to sell, resulting in to – No distress sell. Multiple times of yield from the same field, ensuring a much higher quality. Therefore resulting in to economic prosperity.

Consumer Benefit

With Alive water & soil, what you get is a completely natural and the highest quality produce – that’s the healthiest quality of food for the consumers.

Since the production is in abundance, the quality food wouldn’t be priced exorbitantly high as it is being done today in the market. Today, it has become the consumer’s destiny to east the lowest quality chemical mixed dead food and dead RO water. This is a simple demand supply gap. Had there had been an option, who would have fed their children with this kind of food and water? Just think about it and decide your own fate.

Thus Cownomics gives the world – the most viable, ecological, blissful and luxurious way of living in complete harmony with Nature.

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  1. A very interesting concept. No doubt plants are the only producers in the society and rest all the consumers. Only plants creat National wealth. Taste of pudding is in eating. A real demo of the concept will be generate credibility. We can discuss some real project for implementation.

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