Ecological Energy Chakras & Integral Farming

Farming is not a natural phenomenon, it’s purely man-made activity or anthropogenic. The very term “natural farming” is a blasphemy, because either it’ll be farming or it’ll be natural. Nature doesn’t make farms, nature produces only jungles. But this doesn’t mean that farming has to be against nature. A farming in complete harmony with nature is the concept of Integral Farming.

Integral Farming is the process of farming done by reviving natural ecology of the water and soil, by making them alive ecologically. We don’t need to teach or interfere with nature on the domain of plants and animal rearing. Nature knows it very well and grows them better in absence of our interference. Thus in Integral Farming, the focus is on reviving the water and soil to life and rest everything is done by Nature on its own.

Alive Water

Not many people would resonate the truth that “Water is a Living Being”. People find the very concept as mystical and transcendental. Most people believe that they know and understand water inside out, its simply H2O. There’s only 1% of the water on earth that is drinkable – so we know everything about water. There is nothing unique about it.

But, most of them don’t even know that all the substance on earth contract and condense in low temperature or absence of heat, but it is only water that expands when condensed. And that’s just one physical attribute. Many people would be amused by the fact that water has memory, now this is where the mysticism starts. The more you try to understand water the more mystical it would get. That’s where modern science meets Vedic scriptures. But, there are many seekers and scientists who have done years of research and proven with the modern scientific methodology of hypothesis, research, theory, lab practical and evidences. Some of the major references include the following scientists;

  • Viktor Schauberger – was an Austrian forest caretaker, naturalist, para-scientist, philosopher, inventor and biomimicry experimenter.
  • Dr. Gerald Pollack, University of Washington, professor of bioengineering.
  • Masaru Emoto was a Japanese author and entrepreneur who said that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water.
  • Luc Antoine Montagnier is a French virologist and joint recipient with Françoise Barré-Sinoussi and Harald zur Hausen of the 2008 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his discovery of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).
  • Jacques Benveniste was a French immunologist, born in Paris. In 1979 he published a well-known paper on the structure of platelet-activating factor and its relationship with histamine. He was head of INSERM’s Unit 200, directed at immunology, allergy and inflammation.

Interesting all those, rubbishing and rejecting the factual theory ironically, do agree on the basic fact that life began in water on the planet. And even today all living beings have 70-95% of their body mass constituent as Water, all plants and animals included. From water, life evolved to become amphibian, then to terrestrial being and eventually avian, therefore the 1st element of life is to make water alive with all electrolytes, minerals, microbial life and such other natural components.

Therefore logically and technically speaking, if your water input is natural and alive, naturally 70-95% of the problems are taken care of, depending upon the body mass percentage. The lesser water you have in the body mass constituents the more are the other four elements that need balancing.
So all those seekers who are searching for the Godly particle scientifically, or those searching for God in the spiritual world would finally arrive at this conclusion, that the visible unification of the particles on the planet can be nothing else but, water.

The key cause of the diseases in all life forms is the dead water that is available for everyone’s consumption, be it drinking for humans, birds and animals or be it irrigation for plants. That is why the crops fail, that is why the people fall sick and that is why there are loses in livestock farming. From poultry to dairy, agriculture to horticulture, apiculture to floriculture, duck farming to rabbit farming to farming goats and sheep. Unless the water input is corrected, the issues will never get sorted out since the modern science is symptomatic treatment approach, whereas life needs a holistic approach.

Alive Soil

After water, life propagated to land, and thus in ecological restoration, the next obvious step is the soil. Soil is not just the dirt that people perceive it to be. Soil is also a living being, though most people find it hard to digest.

For the sake of digestion of the fact we can take example of the human body, a human body consists of 37.2 trillion living cells, excluding the billions of microbes that are there within the body and still independent of the body ecosystem. And these cells are not stashed together like we sack grains in a gunny bag, but each cell is in a different form factor, a different mass and performs different functions. For example a muscle cell is very different from the red blood cell (RBC).

And did you know the number of microbes inside your body? Its 39 trillion. That makes it higher than the number of our own cells. Doesn’t that means that we are alive till they are alive? Is it the microbes that keep us alive?

Similarly, when you look at soil, when you take a hand full of soil, what is it that you are holding in hand? Is it simply dirt? Is it only chemicals that we analyse in the laboratory to understand soil chemistry? What about the soil biology? Don’t we have microbes in there?

When you look at the plants that are rooted deep in the soil, what exactly makes them? Is that the nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) that makes them grow? That is why the farmer puts in urea (‎CH4N2O), phosphate (Ca(H2PO4)2 .H2O) and potash (K2SO4 or KNO3 etc.), isn’t it? Do you think these fertiliser can be absorbed by the plants in the same form as they are put into the soil? The answer is NO.

There are trillions and trillions of microbes in the soil, which make soil alive, just as they make human body alive. Plants do not survive on the dead chemicals, they need bio-chemicals. The soil ecology works on barter system. The microorganisms in soil process the fertilisers and give it to plant roots in exchange for the carbon, collected by leaves through the process of photosynthesis during the day, when they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen.

Anything absorbed by the leaves is released in the soil through roots, if it is unwanted for the plant. And thus plant act as a medium to revive the soil ecology. The moment we stop putting in the chemicals, which destroy the soil ecology and enrich the plant with the alive water, the plants become instrumental in regenerating the soil ecology.

Thus the Alive Water makes the Soil Alive. The microbial culture in the soil thrives again and restores the soil. The soil was diseased due to the anthropogenic activity of interfering with nature. The more chemicals we add, the sicker would be the soil, since the entire microbial culture would get abolished. The lesser is the number of microbes the higher would be the need for fertiliser, that’s what we observe in the practical application of the chemical fertilisers in the soil. Every year for getting the same yield the need for the fertiliser grows year on year and with each application of the fertilisers, we keep killing and reduces the population of microbes in the soil, resulting in to a diseased soil.

Alive Air

The third ecological cycle of energy chakra is the air. We all know that we survive by breathing in and breathing out air, and what we absorb is oxygen. Here again we miss some of the finer points. Even the air is a living being. For so many years the terrestrial life has been consuming oxygen from the air, but is the oxygen, the key component of the atmospheric air? The answer is No again.

The air consists of some key components including Nitrogen (78%), Oxygen (21%), Argon (1%), Carbon-di-oxide (0.03%) and water vapours – that’s usually taught in the text books, but that’s again just a simple chemical analysis. Is the air dead? Is there no life in between these molecules? Is there no microbial life in the air we breathe?

If it keeps you alive, how can it be dead? There are trillions and trillions of microbe in the air as well. That’s what keeps the air alive too. In fact this is where we humans also contribute a lot, apart from other beings, through our skin and breathing.

The Alive Water and Soil restores the Air Alive.
And with all the three cycles stabilizing, one can easily extract economy out of ecology.

Alive Fire

The next element is the fire. And again it isn’t just the fire that we light with a match or a lighter, but a fire as a living being. The fire in the paunch, often referred as the gut, is the fire alive within our bodies. And that’s there in all the beings. The one that’s ignited when we eat. The whole process of digestion is dependent upon this fire.

Your own energy cycle as a living being does constitute of the fire of your passion, how passionately do you want to work in your farm, also effects the energy cycles of your farm, it effects the life that you are farming. Be it your plants or animals or birds.

The fire of penitence, also gives positive energy to your surroundings. Your emotional connect with your farm, your birds, animals, crops, water, soil and air. Everything is connected in here in form of fire that generates an aura, creates vibes. And these effect positively or adversely, depending upon your thoughts and actions.

The paroxysmal fire would induce the natural breeding in birds &animals and pollination of male and female flowers in plants – thus is directly proportional to your farm yield, in turn resulting in to economics.

And all these fires when work in the same direction, they create and aura for the alive fire of purlieu.
All of them put together are the 5 Ps of Pyre. All should be alive to keep the pyre burning and alive.

Alive Energy

The fifth element is the divine grace that comes free for the whole life on earth in form of Sunlight, that’s always alive, always potent and blesses all. But one can synthesize it only when the above four ecological cycles or the energy chakras are balanced. If the bucket is kept upside down it won’t collect any water in spite of being kept under a waterfall. That’s exactly what is happening with us. To get the energy, we need to be receptive, that we are not, and therefore everything overflows.


5 thoughts on “Ecological Energy Chakras & Integral Farming”

  1. Long back I was reading autobiography of Mr G R Gopinath of Deccan air pioneer of LCC in India who practiced natural farming in his farm. It will be interesting to practice such farming.

    1. Thanks for your feedback Richard,
      it’s not just without chemicals, it’s without biologicals, without machines, without physical excavation and without any electricity / burning hydrocarbons or any man-made energy source too.
      But we don’t work in STP / ETP / Swimming pools or any other man-made structures for Water holding.
      We work on reinstating natural ecology in Soil, Water and Air, and therefore existence of natural ecology is a mandatory requirement, with earth in bottom, Water above it and finally open to Air.

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