The whole food industry is struggling with Diseases and Pests to get the required Quantity with desirable Quality. Machines and Chemicals are used to increase the Productivity of Soil, but in the process the Quality gets compromised. With Cownomics Technology, we can give both Quantity and Quality, without using any Chemicals or Biological inputs. Cownomics treat a Water Body, the water of which is used as Foliar Spray across the Campus. It gives the effect of Rain Water all through the year, keeping both Diseases and Pests at bay. Nothing else is required in the Farm in any form. Just a simple Foliar Spray of Treated Pond Water , as much as required by the Plants to keep them Healthy. Healthy Plants become immune to Weather Changes, Diseases and Pests, leading to huge Production with best Quality. Chemicals Free Food in huge Quantity is the resultant of Disease and Pest Free Farm due to Cownomics Technology.

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