Drinking Water

Today the world is spending so much on bringing the Water from rivers using Canals to keep the Water treatment plants up and running.

Cownomics can solve the problem of Water Scarcity at these Plants by giving them Water from Rejuvenated Water Bodies spread across the City.

Water from same Water Bodies where the Sewage is getting consumed using Cownomics Technology, can be used for further required Treatment for making it fit for drinking purposes.

For coastal areas, we can treat the Sea Water in any Pond or Lake to make it usable for Drinking Water Plants.

So effectively all across Cities or Villages there will be no scarcity of Water either for Drinking or for any other Purpose of Life.

Need is to Treat Water than to Save Water. And treatment is to be done Ecologically using Cownomics.

Water is the Core of Life and nobody understand it better than Cownomics.

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