Sewage Management

Sewage Management Sewage is like a dragon waiting for galloping all cities across the World. All STPs and ETPs are failures in solving the ever increasing volume of Sewage and Effluent from the so called Development activities around the world. Cownomics can solve the problem without disrupting the pace of so called Development. All Sewage and Effluent can be consumed in any Water Body not Cemented at the bottom and Water can be reused for Life. Only Plastic and Solid Waste needs to be taken out, which will come floating once the sludge at the bottom of Water Body becomes Zero. Easy, Sustainable and Ecological Economics with Cownomics. No special provisions needed to Achieve this as we all Sewage can be collected in any of the small Pond near the source. The whole city can have small Water Bodies collecting that area Sewage and getting treated with Cownomics, there only. No Chemicals, No Machines and No Bacteria for Ecological Consumption of Sewage using a simple treatment of Cownomics.

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